Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my daily transportation


This is my daily driver 1942 ford pickup. I do it no favors, we use the hell out of it.

Here is my 1939 Indian Sport Scout. This picture was taken on a hard work day in front of Joan's on 3rd cafe. Photo by Bo Bushnell.

My 1928 Ford roadster. I assume they will send me to the sea in this car. I built it the year before my father passed. This car was the best way for me to escape the reality that awaited me later that year. I will never forget that build. 

Bigfoot West


 This is Bigfoot West bar in Culver City. I designed this bar with one of the owners, Bobby Green, who also owns Bigfoot Lodge, Thirsty Crow, Little Cave and Saint & Sinners. If you look closely at the last photo there is a picture of me, aged to perfection, in a 1930's boxer stance. We put that photo in the display box to immortalize a large handlebar mustache I grew for 6 months until a certain little lady (Tara) made me cut it.

The THIRSTY CROW silverlake

Some photos of the Thirsty Crow in Silverlake, Ca. One of the owners and I hand picked and designed this space in under two months. We changed the theme from a 1970's trucker bar called Stinker's into an elegant 1930's whisky bar which is now a favorite amongst locals.

PRPS NY showroom

Here's a few shots of the PRPS showroom  that I designed back in March.  All of the pieces were sourced in Los Angeles and shipped to NYC. It was recently featured in Sportswear International... more pictures coming soon.