Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my daily transportation


This is my daily driver 1942 ford pickup. I do it no favors, we use the hell out of it.

Here is my 1939 Indian Sport Scout. This picture was taken on a hard work day in front of Joan's on 3rd cafe. Photo by Bo Bushnell.

My 1928 Ford roadster. I assume they will send me to the sea in this car. I built it the year before my father passed. This car was the best way for me to escape the reality that awaited me later that year. I will never forget that build. 

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  1. These cars are incredible. And the fact that you built it even more so. Woooowwwww....I've already planned to build a car in my next lifetime, when I'm granted a few thumbs less and a few fingers more.