Tuesday, December 6, 2011


 Some great pic taken of my creative space on la brea and first. For all that don't know about these buildings, they are from the second world war, 1939 to be precise. I always felt  a strong connection to there design so after a long and hard search I ended up with two, just enough to complete my temporary office. The beauty is when im sick of seeing the same cars drive by everyday, I will quietly and quickly move them to another designer street thats in need of a little shacking up...  If you are wanting a sneak peek call. 1310-869-3206


  1. great photos!
    I really like your blog:)
    I am your new follower -will you follow back?:)

  2. Yo, I just saw your shave feature on Hypebeast, you have good style as shown on your blog, I decided to follow your Blog. Peace!